Why Fuzzrocket

Fuzzrocket is the opportunities resource for singers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, screenwriters and songwriters.

Thanks to all the film, music and dance artists who participated in our “beta” program. If you thought our “beta” opportunities for collaborations with other artists, performances and exposure were awesome, you haven’t seen anything yet. We’re now preparing to unleash the big dog in 2015.

From now until then, our team of industry veterans will be on here sharing everything you need to know about success in your industry. No b.s. from us and no sales pitches. Just useable, no “fluff” advice and direction. Every month, you’ll find easy-to-use articles on here about:

Protecting yourself and your work.

We’ll share EXACTLY what you should do to make sure no one steals your ideas and that you’re managing your creations the correct way.

Self Promotion.

Lots of resources, websites and marketing platforms are a waste of time. And you’re busy. Want to know the best way to promote yourself, and exactly where you should be? We’ll tell you where and how.


Singers need producers. And filmmakers need screenwriters. Who should you collaborate with to bring your amazing ideas to life? We’ll give you easy to follow directions.


Say you’re a talented dancer. What should you do starting now to make sure you have a shot at Julliard? We’ll give you a roadmap.


The opportunities Fuzzrocket has brought to you

Collaborate & Conquer Challenge

Artists from across the country transformed award winning concepts for film and music, for an unprecedented demonstration in the art of interpretation. Award recipients to be announced soon!

Create & Conquer Challenge

Congratulations to Fuzzrocket’s Create & Conquer Challenge winners! Talented artists like you brought these winning creations to life. Check em out in our Collaborate & Conquer Challenge.

First Fuzz

Fuzzrocket’s first creative and performing arts opportunity premiered at SXSW 2014. Thank you to all who participated, you showed extraordinary passion, artistic expression and creativity. Keep the flame of creativity and brilliance ignited within you.

Award Winners

Check out our award winners


By: C. Breeding

Music – Best Original Composition


By: G. Burton

Music – Best Original Composition

Random Stop

By: JP Castel

Film: Best Trailer, for a Film or Documentary


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